Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fearful Gardener

Actually, I don't know if I could ever really be a gardener because I am so friggin scared of every creepy crawly thing I find. I went to a nursery a week or so ago. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The kids were home with dad. If I could, I'd go there every Saturday just to walk around and dream. The wisteria was in full bloom. While I was drinking in their heavenly scent, the hugest bumble bee I'd ever seen zoomed past my face, then circled around for another pass. I realized that I was interfering with whatever he was trying to do.
I'll admire the lavender loveliness from a safe distance.

Then, for some reason, every time I'd try to enjoy the rest of my walk, some other little creepy thing would jump out at me. EEEK!

I realize that insects are an important part of a garden with the whole pollenation thing. I think I heard that spiders are actually good since they eat things that would hurt my roses. But, I don't like being startled by nasty looking creatures devouring one another while I'm in lala land. So all this comes up because I went outside to take some pictures of these amazing roses in our yard. The previous owners planted them and I am sooo glad. These roses really are amazing. The peachy-pink blossom above is at least the size of a soft ball. In the middle of one of these blossoms was a nasty spider devouring something...I think it was a wasp. I hate wasps! (no surprise there, I'm sure) But,....they're just....ew.


Anyway, that isn't what I wanted to blog about. I wanted to write about what I got at JoAnn's today. A friend of mine will be having a baby girl (keeping my fingers crossed)in about a month. I decided to make her a light summer blankie, a lacey bonnet, a pair of booties, and a little pillow dolly inspired by the wonderfully talented Hillary over at Wee Wonderfuls. These lil' gals of Hillary's really remind me a lot of these little people I used to doodle all over my homework in Jr. High. Seeing Hillary's little dolly pillow inspired me to create my own! Here's a couple of sketches of what I'm going to make.

What happens on paper never seems to be what happens with fabric, so I'm sure it won't look anything like that. Anyway...

My friend is doing the baby's room in antique-ie kind of colors with deep reds and blues and tea stained muslin. So, that's what I'm going for. I found this really beautiful lace that I'm going to use for the bonnet. It reminded me of the above picture from the fall '02 issue of Martha Stewart Baby. She did a little article on an Amish inspired nursery. I'm going to use the red floral fabric on the bonnet as well to keep it from looking too much like part of a christening outfit. I want it to be more of a wear-this-any-time-you-feel-like-it kind of thing. The thinner lace is for the booties. I also got some felt because I've been seeing so many awesome felt things lately on a lot of different blogs. I made myself a pincushion a while back and thought I'd try something else. Who knows, maybe I'll even try a softie.

My friend's baby is coming at a very convenient time for me (how thoughtful of her). I'm glad I get to work on one last baby gift before we take off for the summer. We'll be gone a couple months, so I really won't have time to make anything until the end of the summer. By then, we'll have birthday parties and all sorts of wonderful things to tackle. I can't wait. I'm thinking about having a tea party...the pinkest, stickiest, prettiest, little girl tea party ever! Wouldn't that be fun. I have all summer to dream and get motivated.


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