Saturday, April 29, 2006

Why didn't I get anything done this spring?...Because it only lasted a week.

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had much time to make anything, let alone blog. I've even cut down my list of "must read" blogs down to 2 or 3. I did, however, manage to take some pretty pics of spring time around our house. It (spring) was nice while it lasted. It's 90-something degrees outside today! Where the heck did spring go?!? Oh ya, it was that one week of beautiful 70's inbetween the rain and the heat. *sigh* I can't believe we've got at least another 20 degrees to go before it's REALLY hot. Anyway, these are pictures of our beautiful springtime flowers. I'm sure they're wilting as I type...

This is our beautiful dogwood. Oh, I love this tree. I'm so glad the previous owners planted it. I know they loved it too, because the little old lady who lives next door said they did.

These are the flowers which will probably wilt here in the next week or two. Hopefully not...I'll be optimistic...I WILL water them, I will water them, I will...
....they WILL live through the summer. There. See?
Aren't they pretty? I so don't have a green thumb, but for some reason they are really happy here and actually growing! You know what I mean? Not just-not dying, but actually growing! Yeah.

...a close up.

I've always wanted to hang flowers on my front door. There's a little sandwich baggie inside the tin container for water. I do forget to water these sometimes.
One other picture of springtime outside...

A little bit of spring inside. I love my kitchen. Occasionally, i get a little tired of different colors I've painted our walls around the house or just wonder what things would look like if the walls were a different color. Almost two years here and I still love, love the color(s) of my kitchen. It's been called alot of different things, but I call it green apple green. If only we liked green apples, I would ALWAYS have a bowl of them on the breakfast table.

One more picture.

I do have a few projects I'm working on, but they're a secret for now...


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