Friday, March 17, 2006


Mmm...This morning's breakfast is a maple apple walnut scone, coffee, and o.j. I substituted 1/3 or the white flour for wheat, hoping to make them a little healthier. These are definitely not "getting-back-to-my-prepregnancy-weight-scones". There's plenty of butter and sugar. Whatever. Yay for yummy breakfasts.
This is supposed to be a craft/ideas blog, but I'm working on reorganizing my sewing space, so I haven't been working on much lately. We have a 3rd bedroom that we were using as a playroom/guest room, but my daughter found a way to continuously scatter her toys all over the house regardless of the fact that she had TWO rooms in the entire house devoted to her belongings. Well, enough is enough, I say. I was having a hard time managing the day to day clutter, toys, AND my sewing stuff all in the living/dining room, playroom, and her bedroom (not to mention the kitchen and bathroom). So, I moved everything from the "playroom" back to her room and moved all my sewing stuff in to my BRAND NEW STUDIO(/guestroom)! I also put some toys in storage to rotate every so often. *whew*. Now, when I am working so diligently in my own little world (up to my post-baby waist in fabric, buttons, ric-rac, and who knows what else) I can wade out of the bedroom and shut the door when I need to move on to reality. The following are pictures from Alicia Paulson's blog at posie gets cozy that were so inspiring and so cute:

This photo is from here. It's actually from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. but I also think it's beautiful and inspiring. The photo below is from here. I love the colors, the bowl of thread, the jar of buttons...everything. Alright, well, i probably have a good half hour before the kids wake up. Maybe I should actually go work on my "studio".


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