Friday, March 10, 2006

Too Cute for Words

Really, what is there to say? I think these are the cutest things I've ever seen. I absolutely love the one with piggy tails. I wish I had one sitting in my window sill, waking me every morning. Wouldn't that be a wonderful start to a day? By the way, they're made in Japan of glazed ceramic. The store's link is here.

I can't believe how big my baby's getting. *sniff, sniff* I had planned on making this after she was born, but I've been a little busy with her and her big sister and all. Well, here it is, I finally made this little dress I've been trying to get around to for months. It's a very simple pattern, but I've never made baby clothes before. So, I think it was a good project to start on. The pocket is from an old swing skirt I found at a costume shop. Believe it or not, I was at one time a swing dance champion. Does that give away my age? (not during the '40's swing era, but the short-lived, super-trendy '90's one.) Well, those days are definitely gone, but I still love florals from that '40's. The skirt went great with bright red lipstick. I'm still going to make another dress similar to this one for her big sis. I also made a matching mini-apron for this month's tie-one-on. I ran out of day light, so pics for that will come later.


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