Friday, March 31, 2006

Just a little bit of hippie...

I bought these overalls on the clearance rack at a tanning salon of all places (I don't tan) for $7. Although I love patchwork clothes, these overalls are just a little too hippie for me. But, I just couldn't pass them up. These things are usually at least 40 bucks. So, I took them home anyway. After I set them on the couch when I got home, I realized that they match my livingroom perfectly! So, the legs became throw pillows. The pillows I had already really needed some re-stuffing. So I cut them open, restuffed, then just attached a square piece of fabric from the overalls to the front. Here's a close up of the fabric: (you can also click on it for a larger picture)

And here's the result!

I am REALLY happy with these. I was going to try to make my own applique pillows for the living room, but this was just too easy...and for $7! I still have the top half of the overalls. I think I'm going to get some corduroy fabric and attach a skirt to the remaining top half to make a jumper. I think I might even have enough fabric left to make a little skirt or something for my toddler.

I also got this little dress for $5. It's really strange, though. It is sized for a small child, but the neck is too small for a child's head to fit. That's probably why it was on the clearance rack. I'm going to open one of the shoulders, hem the rough edges and attach ribbons to tie.

One of our favorite children's books right now is "You Can Do It, Sam" my Amy Hest. I absolutely love the illustrations by Anita Jeram (the same gal who did "Guess How Much I Love You"). In this book, Sam the Bear and Mother Bear (who live on Plum Street, by the way) wake up early on a snowy morning to make cakes for all their neighbor friends. It was so sweet and inspiring that we decided to make something for our neighbors. I'll blog about that later this weekend.... also coming up this weekend (for Susan), my hubby's Chicago-style stuffed pizza recipe and pics (he'll be making one)....also, a knitting project.


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