Saturday, March 11, 2006

Finally, a sunny day!

It has been so cold and rainy and yucky here in northern California. My older daughter really needs to get some outside time, but it gets really hard to get motivated to bundle up her and the baby and go out even when it's gloomy. I'd much rather stay inside, turn on some music, play a game, dance, whatever! Don't get me wrong, I love the outdoors, but I'm also very particular about the tempurature, humiditity, direction of the wind...ok, not really. I really love spring here, sunny, slightly breezy 70 degree days. I can't wait for all the poppies and purple hyacinth (not sure on that spelling) to come out. Every year seems to be different here (as we've only been here three years) and this one is particularly cold and rainy. It's supposed to rain and actually snow a little (which rarely happens here on the valley floor), but for now the sun's out-just right for taking still-lifes.

This month's tie-on-on assignment is to make an apron for a toy. I love that Amy picked this since this is the first time I come out of lurker-status and get my butt moving on some projects. I like starting small. This was really fun to make and equally as fun to watch my toddler's delight, "Mama...make...bear...dress! Yeah!!!!". I love the way she talks right now, although I have to laugh because it really reminds me of Malcom's friend on Malcome in the Middle. It frustrated me so much when he would pause for a breath inbetween each word. Well, my little big girl does the same thing. That's ok. It's wonderful to see and hear her growing and changing every day. What can I say? I love being a mom.


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